Our Ernabella Anangu Students deserve equity…
Equity in opportunity,
Equity with access to education and
Equity in learning facilities.

‘DIRT TO GRASS’ takes its title from our school oval which typifies not only the state of the school facilities but also the lack of development and attention the school receives.

DIRT TO GRASS will change a patch of dirt, filled with rocks, glass, and weeds into a functional, child-friendly sports field for athletics, house activities, community functions and play.

Our oval is in dire need of grassing, and our basketball courts need new turf. We would love to provide a proper footy oval to our students and build a running track around it as well. EAS community is committed to student success and with most of our students interested in sports, the current goal is to offer them a decent place to practice their skills. Our footy oval is truly one place within the school that could be home not only to sports during school, but can also house inter-school competitions, local footy games, and many other events throughout the year.

“The oval will become a symbol of optimism and community pride.”


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